Who We Are

Converge Ventures is an innovative new start-up creation company launched by successful and seasoned technology commercialization professionals. Converge Ventures’ proprietary model addresses the problems that commonly plague start-ups with a proven, repeatable process that curates the key elements needed for successful and profitable ventures.

Why We Are Different


Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail

  • No Market Need
  • Ran Out of Cash
  • Not the Right Team
  • Get Out-competed
  • Pricing/Cost Issues
  • Poor Product
  • Need/Lack Business Model
  • Poor Marketing
  • Ignore Customers
  • Product Mis-Timed
  • Lose Focus
  • Disharmony on Team/Investors
  • Pivot Gone Bad
  • Lack of Passion
  • Bad Location
  • No Financing/Investor Interest
  • Legal Challanges
  • Don't Use Network/Advisors
  • Burn Out
  • Failure to Pivot


Converge Ventures

  • Driven Exclusively by Market
  • Maximized Non-Dilutive Capital and Purchase Orders
  • Leverages Experienced Launch Executives
  • Creates High-Tech Start-Ups with valid IP
  • Derives Customer-Driven, Value-Based Costing
  • Uses Design to Manufacture Process and Quality
  • Performs Early-Stage Commercialization Planning
  • Engages in Early Marketing to Validate Market
  • Driven Exclusively by Market and Customer
  • Develops the Now-Solution for the Now-Problem
  • Utilizes Customer Focus to Stay On-Track
  • Listens to the Market to Pivot Appropriately
  • Driven by Passion
  • Advised by Legal Experts for IP, Contract, M&A, etc.
  • Continuously Engages 1,000+ Subject Matter Experts
  • Doesn't Believe in Burning Out